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Buckhead Film Group is based in Atlanta, GA.  Buckhead Film Group is a Production company that finances and develops Film and Television content.

 Buckhead Film Group, and Reel One Entertainment Worldwide are joining forces for the Upcoming production "Full Count" about a high school pitcher Milton Young, who has to give up his dreams of playing college baseball and return home to the family farm and town he fought so hard to escape.

The story follows a high school phenom pitcher, who has visions of going to college and breaking free from the family business of farming. After finally being accepted to the state university despite the non - support of his loving father Milton is struck with a series of life changing events that cause him to return to deal with reality and test his faith.

The script was penned by first time writer/director Robert Eager, who says, "I want to introduce an innovative type of inspirational story to the faith base audience."

Robert Eager of Buckhead Film Group is excited to be working with Martin Kelley, Bennie Swint, Eddie Singleton and the rest of the team from Reel One Entertainment Worldwide.

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Produced by - 
Robert Eagar ...executive producer
Martin L. Kelley ...producer
Joth producer
Eddie Davis Singleton...producer
Bennie Swint
Jamie Wingler

Laron Austin... film editing


Written and Directed by Robert Eager.

Written and Directed by Robert Eager.